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We had such a good experience this year on the boats. We especially liked it because our college student kids came home during the summer, sometimes with friends, and we were able to spend quality time with them doing something fun. They always had a great time and were glad we are glad we could do that for them. It was also nice for the two of us to get out alone and relax and get caught up after a long work week. The boats are always clean and ready to go, and we were always able to get a boat when we wanted to.
-Mike & Becky

Prescott Boat Club is like belonging to a country club, all the employees are very kind and the payment is worth every penny! My favorite thing about boating is being on the water. I just love being on the water and creating family memories with my kids.-Liberty

Prescott Boat Club is second to none. I continue to hear about how much of a pain it is to own a boat. The boat club is the way to go!-Justin

Prescott Boat Club is AWESOME! Our family had a great time boating, and look forward to next summer.-Gerry & Dione

We enjoyed the family time and scenery along the St. Croix. We just like being on the water. It takes our minds off of work.-Mike & Becky

Boating is a great way to enjoy the summer weather and keep cool. We enjoyed taking our friends and family boating with us.-Trace & Val

We had a fantastic time boating with Prescott Boat Club this summer. Thanks also for the Fall Color Cruise at the end of the season. It was nice to meet your families and other club members.-Trace & Val


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  • Guaranteed reservations
  • Unlimited boat use & free water toys
  • NO cleaning, maintenance or repairs
  • NO slip fees, towing or launching
  • NO loan or insurance payments