Membership Options

Prescott Boat Club offers several membership and access options, so you can select the plan that’s just right for you!

ALL our Boating Country Club® members enjoy:

  • unlimited boat use;
  • guaranteed reservations;
  • > 97% availability;
  • complimentary use of water toys; and
  • premium dockside valet service.

Single memberships begin with a one-time membership fee [$1,595 – $3,995 depending upon the options you choose], followed by monthly dues [$249 – $390 according to your plan].

STEP 1: Choose The Number Of Boats In Your Membership: 

Platinum Membership gives you access to the entire fleet (7 boats):

  • 1 Tournament Wake Boat
  • 1 Runabout with Wake Tower
  • 1 Double-Deck Tri-toon with Water Slide
  • 1 Luxury Tri-toon
  • 1 Fishing Tri-toon
  • 1 Cruising Tri-toon
  • 1 Deck-Boat

Gold Membership gives you access to the Gold Level Boats (3 boats):

  • 1 Deck-Boat
  • 1 Fishing Tri-toon
  • 1 Cruising Tri-toon

STEP 2: Choose The Number Of People In Your Membership: 

  • Single: Provides unlimited access for an individual or couple
  • Shared: Provides unlimited access for 2 couples

STEP 3: Choose The Days Of The Week:

  • Anytime: Provides unlimited access every day of the week
  • Weekday Monday-Friday: Provides unlimited access Monday-Friday (except holidays)
  • Weekday Monday-Thursday: Provides unlimited access Monday-Thursday (except holidays)

Members may bring as many friends/family as the boat’s stated capacity! 


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  • Guaranteed reservations
  • Unlimited boat use & free water toys
  • NO cleaning, maintenance or repairs
  • NO slip fees, towing or launching
  • NO loan or insurance payments